Welcome to J. A. Yachts

J. A. Yachts and Marine Services was established in early 2010 in Jeddah Saudi Arabia, supported by extensive experience of more than 20 years in the field of leisure marine, boats operation, cruising, rental and services.


•   To provide 360 Degrees yachting & leisure marine industry solutions; from sales, rentals, logistics, brokerage and services, while promoting long lasting business relationships with our clients.

•   To offer innovative marine products like the "Chalet" Boats in Saudi Arabia, while sharing the environmental responsibility by introducing the first Zero Emission Boats in Saudi Waters.


To be the preferred partner of major international boats & yachts builders, and the premier & top of mind yacht & marine service company in Saudi Arabia, in terms of sales, rentals, logistics, brokerage and services.

J.A. Yachts is a one stop leisure marine service company that provides the all full service solutions, from building a custom made boat & or a leisure yacht delivered directly to our clients dock.

J. A. Yachts aims to have a say in increasing the environment concern and conservation. We are the solitary the exclusive agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia of "Duffy Electric Boats" manufactured in the United States for more than 40 years with "Zero Emission" and does not intrude the tranquility of the water with its "Very Low Engine Noise"

J. A. Yachts is characterized by providing innovative products intended for the whole family by offering the floating Chalet and the Flying Boat. And most importantly, we provide long lasting relationship with clients with our after-sales services through our specialized technical skills, high technology, up front services, and most importantly with familial and personal touches.