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J. A. Yachts is the authorized dealer for Duffy Electric Boats.

Duffy Electric Boats look like something from a fairy tale. They are certainly unique.

There was always a nasty problem with your boat when you're cruising, for example the noise would be unbearable. And regardless of how beautiful the day was, you were stuck in a toxic cloud constantly following you.

Proudly launching Duffy Electric Boats in the Middle East, dedicated to the sale of all-electric and zero-emission boats. Our boats have been manufactured in California for more than 30 years. They are the first and finest electric boats since 1970.

All-electric boats offer total serenity and quietness. They are maintenance-free, except for occasionally adding water to the batteries, and they can run for up to nine hours with a single overnight charge. The top cruising speed is approximately six miles per hour. There is no oil change, no hoses, no fan belts, no pumps, cooler or other parts that require maintenance as on a typical gas or diesel boat. There's also no chance of fuel spills and no fuel emission.

These are boats that start every time with no mechanical problems. They come with a lifetime warranty on the electric propulsion system. You just unplug, untie, turn the key and go. Never buy gas for your boat again.

Providing such outstanding product that has a 40-year history of excellent performance, believing that these electric boats will protect your shorelines and keep waters pure. They are used for birthday parties, romantic evenings just cruising, family gatherings and complete picnics. They are so easy to operate and dock, anyone can learn to steer them and feel comfortable doing so. Choose Duffy electric boat for a greener future.

"It's not just a boat. It's a lifestyle".