Welcome to J. A. Yachts

Sales Inquiries:

Q: I have a certain budget in mind, what are the boats' options that I can buy?
A: We can provide you full option service by offering wide variety of boats to choose from, Brand New or Pre-owned by keeping you informed of the features and professional assessment on the boat's condition.

Q: I have a current boat and I want to sell it and buy a new one?
A: With our global connection we can find a buyer for your boats for a fee that ranges from 7.5% - 15%, likewise we can locate for you boats from all over that suites your requirements and we will handle from A-Z up to your docks.

Q: I have a boat and I want maintenance for it?
A: Yes we have qualified professionals to serve you anytime, any day, within the kingdom, on or offshore.

Q: I need a custom made boat for special purposes in mind; can you build it for me?
A: Yes we can, we have international partners that can build you exactly as your specifications.

Rental Inquiries:

Q: What type of boats can I rent?
A: We have a full range of boats for specific purposes, fishing, day – night cruising, diving, with our main specialty the "The Duffy Electric Boats", and "Family Chalet" where the whole family can enjoy a comfortable cruise or stay overnight at the sea in the comfort of the house or a chalet.

Q: How to book a rental?
A: You can get in touch through phone, e-mails and our website, and we also have prepaid cards with 5-10 hours of boat cruising time, available in major outlets.

Logistics Inquiries:

Q: I have a boat and I want it to relocate somewhere else?
A: We can offer you full solutions in terms of logistics, sea freight and land transports, through our local & international logistics partners. Sit back and relax, your boat will be delivered with zero hassle.

Q: I bought a boat in this location and I want get it to my dock?
A: Just give us the location, we will give you the necessary fees and your boat will be handled by professionals and will be delivered in no time.