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Since yachting is a recreational activity, most of it is done in calm protected waters and during good weather. Even so, conditions can change rapidly, and a small vessel can get into life-threatening difficulties.

It is important to keep an inventory of safety gear on board every boat which's prescribed by the Coast Guard depending on the size of the boat and how it is powered.

To reduce accidents, it is required that boats under 20 feet be equipped with level flotation. Also to prevent drowning, is to avoid the presence of stray electrical power from a boat leaking into the water.

Always make sure you have the required equipment of safety items on board with you.

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To be environment friendly, J. A. Yachts are the first, one & only that provides you the perfect choice. Using less electricity and keeping the waters clean is what Duffy Electric Boats offer.

You can cruise all morning for a few Saudi Riyals only. They don't run on gasoline, but rather electricity. The boats are very stable. Electric boats do not go very fast, with a maximum speed of 7 to 8 mph, but they do not produce emissions and are allowed on lakes that restrict gasoline engine powered boats.

At full speed, the boat can run for three-and-a-half hours on one fully charged battery, double that if a buyer requests the addition of a second battery. Duffy electric boats have a 10-horsepower engine.

In addition to the environmental benefit of producing no carbon emissions, the boats are quiet. The boats can be recharged by plugging the battery into any regular house current outlet (110 AC). It takes about 10 hours to charge an empty battery.

Check our Duffy Electric Boats page for more info.